Twilight School MOD APK (Free Premium Choices)

Twilight School MOD APK (Free Premium Choices):

Twilight School: Romance You Choose comes in an adventure category developed by Genius Inc. Genius is an IT startup established in 2014, dedicated to creating “AppDramas”. The game is highly recommended for teenagers.

It is a women-oriented visual interactive romance game. Where you play the role of the main lead and make the decision and choices. The game is full of drama and thrillers.

Each choice made by you will decide the end of this interactive romance novel whether it is small or big it plays an important part. The interesting part is that you will select your dream man in this process.

All the important choices are taken by you whether it’s romance or to choose love and many more. The game is free with full of fun and excitement.


You live in a world where Zombies, Vampires, and Werewolves draw breathe. Human beings call these creatures Demi, from a young age or childhood everyone is taught that demi’s are bad and they murder every other person they come across.

So being a normal human being even you are scared of Demi’s and want to stay away from them. But here in this story, you will experience a whole different thing about Demi’s

At a very young age, you lost your mother and relatives took your responsibility and you accepted the fact and agree to stay with relatives for a good living.

Now when you are entering high school name twilight school, Suddenly one day, you got a letter from your father which reveals that your father is the principal of the school you are going to take admission.

On your way for the first day to school, you escape a deadly accident with the help of Demis, that’s where you meet demi for the first time.

Later you realize your father wants to teach the Demi’s how and what humans do for a living.

So to teach them about the working of the human world your dad started a school for all the demis.

The main section is your father wants to create a world where humans and Demis live together in harmony and peace.

The interesting factor is that you are the first human student at that school and are supposed to live along with Demi’s.

At first, you got scared and refuse to stay but later when you come to know about a group of hunters who are waiting out to kill all the demi’s you accepted to enroll in school.

After spending some time with Demi’s you realize they are friendly and not that bad as they are portrayed by humans.Now you started to have a soft corner for all demi’s and help them in everything.

But this is not the end there is a big secret that you are still unaware and you can’t even imagine how darker is the secret.

Play the game make different choices and know what is the suspense and experience fun, thriller, romance, drama, mystery, and a lot more things

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