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Unlucky postman MOD APK 0.20 (Ghost Mode)

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Scary Mansion MOD APK(Ghost Mode) Game Description:

Unlucky Postman is an adventurous game published by SKYTEC games. The main office is in Akademgorodok near Novosibirsk, in the heart of Siberia, with a publishing office in the US. Skytec’s main focus is mobile games.

So this is a game where you are going to play the role of postman a postman that is really unlucky.


Being a postman you got a parcel which has to be delivered at an extremely weird location, still as your profession you have to go for the delivery.

Once you reach the given location with the parcel you find a residence that is fragmented, the crows and spiders are seen all over the place and it is a very huge house it seems like a haunted place exactly the way you watch in movies.

Still, as your duty, you go towards the main door to check if someone is there to collect the parcel but you found nothing.

You thought you could just hand over the parcel to their neighbors or anyone you could find but there was no one around the house.

Now you got a little nervous but still try and make courage to ring the bell and suddenly all the crows started to flying all around and one crow comes and sits next to you, and you are extremely struggling with anxiety and completely horrified.

For a twist you instantly find yourself in a room and an Old Man Dr.Crow wants to kill you and has kidnapped you now you have to run away from there alive. Play wisely and save yourself from Dr.Crow.

There are so many questions?  Why Dr.Crow kidnapped you? Who is he?  What is your relationship with him? Why does he want to kill you? What are the suspense and main storyline behind this mansion?


unlucky postman


How to Survive?

Solve all the riddles and bypass all the traps to get out of this horrible house alive. Collect and gather all the clues, and hints, and most important stay away from him, he can hear you at all times so try to avoid him. Be careful and play cleverly.

Unlucky postman MOD APK 0.20 (Ghost Mode)

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