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Game Description:

Wildscapes is a casual game developed by Playrix. Playrix is a mobile game development company founded in 2004. It is an international developer of free-to-play mobile games headquartered in Dublin. Wildscapes have consistently been among the Top 50 Grossing application for iOS and Google Play since their release.

The game is free to install and play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items, which will charge your Google account. You can disable in-app purchasing by adjusting your device settings.

There are 5,000,000+ installs on the play store. The game is rated for all the age groups.

The recent update has fixed bugs and improved the performance of the game.

Take a victory lap with a toucan! Beat levels on the first try to get boosters at the start of every level!
Now you can grow bananas! The higher your banana tree grows, the yummier the prizes!

Explore the Himalayas! Don’t forget your camera—you might see a red panda or a manul!
Meet the old sailor Captain Ron!

A new element—Refrigerator! Beat levels as fast as you can or you might freeze!

Storyline :

Welcome everyone to the Wildscapes! Are you an animal lover? Do you dream about building a home for animals? Do you want to help them? Pet them?

Play wildscapes it is a perfect game to live your dream. Where you can create and design the dream zoo with tons of cute and adorable animals.

Solve the puzzle to build the zoo. Sounds easy? but it is way more difficult as it progress to the next level. This is the best way to protect and conserve rare species by taking care, feeding them.

Gamers need to match 3 or more types of fruit, to score points. Complete colorful puzzles to earn money and coins. Make a point to clear the puzzle in less time to earn extra rewards.


Show your creative and managerial skills as well as puzzle-solving abilities! Build and restore the Zoo, decorate the animal habitats and surrounding gardens, and invite new furry friends to their new home! Make sure all animals have a comfortable place to live! Your zoo management skills will be tested by the renovations you make.

Zoo brings us closer to nature. Explore different types of animals with wildscapes. Unlock new areas and bring new inhabitants. The wild safari lands give a home for the proud lion and the playful tiger, while the arctic zone stars the adorable penguins and the cool polar bear.

Exotic animals such as armadillos, porcupines, anteaters, sloths, pandas, koalas among others also need comfortable living conditions under your care. Help all animals in the zoo live happy lives: give them fun toys, teach them new tricks, and keep their enclosures clean and safe.


The zoo is not only a superior place for animals but also for its visitors. Develop your zoo with a wide range of businesses and make your zoo visitor-friendly with cafes, fountains, playgrounds, hangout spots, and many more. Build fast-food stands, popcorn stalls, candy stores, coffee shops, cafes, and rides to attract new people to the zoo.

Remember more visitors result in more rewards and money. Design the area and make it more comfortable for your guests with benches, garbage cans, lightings, flowerbeds, statues, flags, and much more. Unlock these items by solving the Match-3 puzzle.

The money earned can be used to expand the zoo and to buy new essential equipment for animals. It is an adventurous game where you have to perform an interesting task like rescue and unlock the animals to earn rewards and money.

Build spacious enclosures for animals, learn about species from all over the world, and create the best zoo ever! Ready for a wild ride? Then hop on!

It is hard to build your zoo by yourself. Invite your friends and work together! You’ll make new friends here too! Exchange lives with each other and plays for longer! Make your zoo the best it can be in a cooperative spirit.

Highlighted Features:

  • Enjoy your favorite gameplay: beat match-3 levels to restore the zoo!
  • Match juicy and fruity items to complete unique tasks and win rewards
  • Unlock more areas to welcome new animals from different habitats
  • Play with custom options to design your zoo the way you want
  • Decorate your zoo with unique objects from around the world
  • Power up your gaming experience with the help of special animal boosters
  • Complete tasks for zoo visitors by helping them with their specific needs and wants
  • Bring together whole families of animals to get even more rewards!


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